system time problems

Urban Widmark urban at
Fri Oct 15 13:38:27 GMT 1999

On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, NNY wrote:

> i have an NT share drive mounted on a linux machine. i want to compile an
> application on the mounted NT drive from linux. this works okay, but the
> oddities of the file dates on the share causes all of the sources to be
> recompiled on make even when they don't need to be. the times come up
> correctly, but, i assume that NT does not support year, the year field is
> odd (1947, 2013, etc.). what can i do to fix this? is it possible to synch
> the times on both machines?

You are using an old version of smbfs (an "old" kernel") that has a win95
bugfix compiled in. With NT that bugfix causes this mess. RH6.0 is one
dist that has this problem.

Recompile your kernel without the bugfix, or get the latest 2.2.x (x=12?)
that does this automatically.

The answer to this question should be in the searchable archive. I know
I've written it a few times now.


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