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Martin Mielke martinm at
Fri Oct 15 12:15:08 GMT 1999

Dear all,

because I don't know if there is some kind of xmessage under Sun's Solaris,
I made a little ksh script which, by now, only notifies me when a filesystem
has reached a certain %-use using smbclient -M.

Because I'm thinking of some other implementations, my question/feature
request: is there any way of putting some other buttons on the notification
window that smbclient shows, to allow some other choices?? Confusing? OK,
here comes an example that should clarify this:

	|						 |
	|  Hello! This is a text line...		 |
	| 						 |
	|   |------|		|-----|		 |
	|   | Yes *|		| No   |		 |
	|   |------|		|-----|		 |

Apologies for the baaaaaad drawing... :-)

Well, under SGI's IRIX the command would look something like this:

	notify -c -t "Hello! This is a text line..." -B Yes -b No [...]

	notify/xmessage will display the small window from above
	-c	to center it on screen
	-t	to put the text to be shown
	-B	to select an answer by default (in this case a "Yes" will be
returned if you click on it or if you 		press return)
	-b	to put some other (optional) choice/s (you can as many -b
TEXT as needed)

Some other options of this command include icon decoration, window title,

Reactions please!

Best regards,


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