FoxPro's lock function over SAMBA file server

Paul Lacatus paul at
Thu Oct 14 16:47:31 GMT 1999

    I have a very nasty problem on a small network using a linux 2.2.5-15 and Samba 2.0.3 (RH 6.0)
server and two clients Win95 and Win98.
    I have to use a program of commercial  administration made in clipper . On Novell servers this
program works fine but on Samba server It does not allow that the two stations access the same file
    The same problem is shown when in Fox Pro I am trying to use the lock function on the same data
base from two stations.
    Problem is:

    1)  After setting a DBF.file on non exclusive access and locking a record of this file with the
lock function on the other station ALL the records of the DBF file looks like locked instead of
just one as settled.
    2) After setting locking=no in smb.conf  NONE of the records of the DBF file is seen as locked
from the second station.

    So the Locking parameter in smb.conf makes ALL the records locked for Yes and NONE of the
records locked for No instead only one as settled.

    I need very much an advice how to make the program working well since a Locking = Yes does not
allow the program to be used concurrently and a Locking=No may be a problem of data integrity.

    Thanks for all of you that have any suggestion


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