Help: "Unknown" Workgroup

Ram Rajadhyaksha ramr at
Thu Oct 14 15:57:14 GMT 1999

I have Samba 2.5.0a running on a x86 Redhat 5.2 box. I installed it using the

Anyways, I'm having several minor problems:

Even though I've specified a workgroup, the computer does not show up under
that group! The only way I can access the computer is to type
"\\" in the "Run" dialog in Windows. Once the explorer
comes up with the directory of the of share, it shows the machine to be part
of the "Unknown" workgroup.

My second, somewhat related, problem is the fact that the computer's name is
the entire DNS name, not just the hostname. I can't figure that out. i.e., you
must refer to the machine as instead of just hostname.

I'm also running a very similiar setup on a Linux Mandrake 6.0 box and
everything works fine there.

Any suggestions? I'm lost!


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