David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Wed Oct 13 11:38:51 GMT 1999

pjoshi at wipinfo.soft.net wrote:
> Does any one has idea if Samba supports client side oplocks.
> i.e if we are using "smbclient"

Andrew Tridgell  replied:
| 		In the next release you can enable it by editing
| client.c and adding one line, but that's just for my testing, it has
| no use for real file transfers. I just added it to the underlying
| client library in order to stress test the oplock code using
| smbtorture. 
| why do you want it? 

	It would be useful to provide a means of updating files
	which are oplocked from a Unix server and having the clients
	see the updates. 

	This is a recurring problem with other SMB servers, as
	well as with Samba servers without kernel oplocks.

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