linux 2.2.x and smbmount 2.0.5a: Win95 bugfix?

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Tue Oct 12 16:35:05 GMT 1999

On 12 Oct 99, "Keith G. Murphy" <keithmur at> had 
questions about linux 2.2.x and smbmount 2.0.5a: Win95 bugfix?:  

> I have become quite confused about the interaction of the kernel
> versions and the different versions of Samba and smbmount. 
> I have just upgraded to a 2.2 kernel.  'make menuconfig' gave no
> choice by which to enable the Win95 bug workaround.  At the same
> time, smbmount 2.0.5a, which seems to be the proper one for a 2.2
> kernel (it's the latest provided by Debian, under the name
> smbmount-2.2.x), no longer seems to have the '-c mount ...'
> syntax that let you provide the '-f' switch to mount to enable
> the bugfix on a per-share basis. 

I'm not sure about the smbmount stuff; have you tried "make 
xconfig" for configuring the kernel?  Some of the options are 
disabled, depending on whether you specify them as modules or 
included in the kernel itself.  At least you'll be able to see if 
that option still exists...

If your samba box does not have a working Xconfig, you can install 
the VNC server and run the X kernel config from a windoze box.


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