linux 2.2.x and smbmount 2.0.5a: Win95 bugfix?

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at
Mon Oct 11 21:24:03 GMT 1999

I have become quite confused about the interaction of the kernel
versions and the different versions of Samba and smbmount.

I have just upgraded to a 2.2 kernel.  'make menuconfig' gave no choice
by which to enable the Win95 bug workaround.  At the same time, smbmount
2.0.5a, which seems to be the proper one for a 2.2 kernel (it's the
latest provided by Debian, under the name smbmount-2.2.x), no longer
seems to have the '-c mount ...' syntax that let you provide the '-f'
switch to mount to enable the bugfix on a per-share basis.

How to enable the bugfix?  Or is the kernel smart enough to do it now
without specifying the options?  The kernel documentation does not state
so; in fact, it refers to the '-f' syntax.  Very confusing.


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