Migration into NT

David Hazelton dave.hazelton at sanmina.com
Mon Oct 11 17:12:53 GMT 1999

First, My NT is at best weak when it comes to PDC and BDC 

I have a LAN and WAN Enviroment and the two are about to crash.

Current version: SAMBA 2.04b

For 2+ Years I have been running SAMBA on a SPARC 1000E 
(Solaris 2.5.1)  as a PDC,  We have about 10 shares, some are 
public and everyone needs to see them and some by user and some 
by groups.  Security = user and authetecation is encryptic. 
(smbpasswd). The clients are all W95 and W98 machines.


Corporate decide to standardize on NT and has set up a Corp PDC 
for authentication and a East PDC for the Domain.  

Corporate has done no reseach in they implentation on how to 
migrate each locations current Fileservers to NT.  Most have a 
version of Novell.  This Location and another have SAMBA (The other 
is Version 1.9.XX I believe, I will need to deal with that on too)

What I need is a easy way to move my Users to the Corp PDC while 
I keep the users/Files on SAMBA until I can slowly migrate them 


Corporate wants to only add 10 users a day, but what I read is that it 
is a all or nothing for Domain Logins.  If a person is can not login to 
the PDC does it comeback to the SAMBA Box for authenication, or 
can it?

I know the way W95 is that If both Passwords are the same between 
Domains I will have access to both when I try to connect to a 
resource on the other.  This maybe a workaround, but having Samba 
and NT sync passwords, this sounds messy.

And if I do Domain logins what needs to be done on the NT side?
The Samba box will then join the EAST domain.

If I confused anybody, Join the Club : )


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