cyrillic letters in filenames.

Sergei Makarov smakarov at
Mon Oct 11 08:48:41 GMT 1999

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On 10/10/99, 5:09:10 PM, Ilia Chipitsine <ilia at> wrote 
regarding cyrillic letters in filenames.:


> Dear All,

> Does anybody know why ?

> I can create files (and directories) with cyrillic names, but

> 1. I cannot delete those files (well, I can edit them and so)
> 2. I cannot "cd" to those directories.

> What I have: RH-5.X & Samba-2.X

You need to be more specific to get correct answer.
In Samba 2.1prealpha (HEAD branch) code page support and translation 
is broken. I've got results, similar to yours. 
In 2.0.5a everything works, as advertised. No problems here.
smbfs is orphaned branch with zillion bugs, but recently it was 
reworked and hopefully, will be released soon again (2.0.6 + kernel 

Best, Sergei.

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