cyrillic letters in filenames.

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Oct 10 19:59:19 GMT 1999

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Ilia Chipitsine wrote:

> Dear All,
> Does anybody know why ?
> I can create files (and directories) with cyrillic names, but
> 1. I cannot delete those files (well, I can edit them and so)
> 2. I cannot "cd" to those directories.
> What I have: RH-5.X & Samba-2.X

What are you using to access the server, smbclient (ftp-like) or smbfs

smbclient handles the swedish characters properly (except in some error
messages), don't know about cyrillic.

smbfs produces "garbage" for those same swedish characters. The problem
with smbfs is that it does not translate the codepage presented by the smb
server to the native charset (or unicode utf-8, or whatever).

I know of 2 unofficial patches to smbfs for this.

Mine can be found at:

One patch is for the kernel (should work with any 2.2 and 2.3) and one is
for smbmount (optional and only for samba before 2.0.5).
(read more in the patched version of linux/include/linux/smb_mount.h, or
 in the patch file itself)

Artem V. Ryabov <artem at>, has also solved this problem:

Mine handles both utf-8 format and codepages, Artem's conversions are
probably faster and his interface to smbmount is nicer.

> the another address. If this letter hasn't reached the list, let me know)

You do realise that doing that is kind of difficult? :)


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