samba as PDC

boudani Ali.Boudani at
Sun Oct 10 19:38:37 GMT 1999

hi all,

i want to have samba in my liux as a PDC, so i have download the last
version of samba 2.1alpha. but i can't compile it shows errors : 
Linking bin/nmbd
libsmb/clientgen.o: In function `cli_establish_connection':
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x4ef3): undefined reference to `prs_init'
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x4f50): undefined reference to
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x4f5a): undefined reference to `prs_link'
libsmb/clientgen.o(.text+0x5005): undefined reference to `prs_mem_free'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/nmbd] Error 1            

so can anyone tell me when i can find a version that compile and support
samba PDC ?


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