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Fri Oct 8 08:20:14 GMT 1999

Steve thanks for answering, especially in your condition:-)

I _do_ understand you perfectly. But what you describe is not the case
here, in fact on purpose I redirect 2>/dev/null as well.

I reckon it's the fact that in the tar sequence, just like the one you
give, one adds the 'B' option on both sides especially in networked copy

    thus  ' tar cBf - * | (cd /foo/bar; tar xBf -)'

smbtar (or I should say smbclient) doesn't seem to support it.


Steve Williams wrote:

> Hi,
> I have seen this before with just regular tar.
> POSSIBLY, the problem is such..  If you don't understand what I
> describe, let me know, I am real tired & it's late.
> are any of your options to smbtar causing "information" to be
> output to the screen?  If so, this "stuff" gets mixed in with the
> actual contents of the tar file ( on standard out as well ), and
> causes the extract to fail.
> To duplicate it with regular tar, try..
> tar -cvf - . 2>&1 | ( cd /xxx/yyy; tar -xvf - )
> ( most "tar" programs display "stuff" on standard error these days,
> but years ago, they used standard out.
> Just a thought...
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