Auto location of domain controllers.

kenneth topp caught at
Thu Oct 7 19:12:44 GMT 1999

That's great.  

On a close issue, I'm running into problems with trust in 2.0.5a? Is that
a known issue?  I explicitly set "allow trusted domains = yes" and the
trusted domain doesn't have access.  Is there something I should look for?

Also, we are on a 32node subnet (snm: and we have a weird
symptom, where this machine on the second domain (now using "net use" to
identify themselves as a regular domain as the trust didn't work) doesn't
see anything on the drives if the internet connection goes down.  The
machine can add files, but doesn't see anything listed in the shares
The log for that machine spits out a lot of : 

[1999/10/05 15:43:07, 0] smbd/dir.c:dptr_create(453)
  dptr_create: returned 0: Error - all new dirptrs in use ?

The domain members are fine...  We are moving to a full c-class, and away
from garbage microsoft dhcp, so perhaps this symptom will disappear.

Thanks for the great work,


On Fri, 8 Oct 1999, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> Hi all,
> 	FYI: I got the auto location of domain controllers
> with security = domain coded up, working and tested and will
> be putting it into the 2.0.6 release. To use it just change
> the password server= line to be :
> password server = *
> Someone (I can't remember who) was requiring this functionality....
> Cheers,
> 	Jeremy Allison,
> 	Samba Team.
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