smbtar: tar directory checksum error

Frans Stekelenburg f.stekelenburg at
Thu Oct 7 14:41:49 GMT 1999


I actually would like to backup a NT share into a tree on a Solaris
machine, with...

    smbtar <options> -t - | tar xf -

But this always results in an error after a bunch of files has been
retrieved, with the following error message:

    tar: directory checksum error

smbtar'ing to a  tar file (-t fie.tar) works fine, but since I want only
the files to be backuped since the last backup this becomes more of a
hassle (yeah I could 'tar xvf' the new tar file after completion, but
that seems like such an overhead).

Experimenting with block(size) just moved the occurance of the error.

Actually one would expect to be able to :

    smbtar <options> -B -t - |  tar xBf -

Which usually with reular tar is used to copy filesystems....

Running Samba 1.19.18p10

Anyone has a heads up on this?

Much obliged,


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