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Frans Stekelenburg f.stekelenburg at
Thu Oct 7 10:09:30 GMT 1999

Michael Koehler wrote:

> > So I hope you would like to share the tips, in return I could try to be of assitance
> > as well.
> Nice,
> I have additional questions to solve the problem:
> are there possibilities to trace the lprm command passing from NT-->Samba-->Unix?
> and with wich user the lprm command will be performed on the Unix-box?

Well, to find out what stuff is passed on I use sometimes the next line, which you can add
in the smb.conf to your [HP-5N-Market] entry:

  root preexec = echo "U-%U G-%G M-%M I-%I m-%m a-%a t-%T h-%H p-%P s-%S u-%u g-%g" >>

actually you can just also run a script in which you just grab whatever you like to know
is going on, like 'id', 'pwd' etc.

  root preexec = /usr/local/samba/scripts/preinfo.ksh [ <parameters> ]
        (if you like, of course you can add parameters, like  %U  %I  %m)

I hope this is what you mean?

> I hope that their will be some more responses.

Yah, that's a bit of a problem nowadays- not just in this group. I reckon there are to
many questions and to little answers;-)


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