Group Policies, Windows 95 & Samba

Cillian Sharkey cillian at
Wed Oct 6 20:31:02 GMT 1999


Here, we have Win95 machines which logon to a Linux Samba (v2.0.3)
server. User policies are in use and work fine. However, group policies,
don't work. I went through all the necessary steps on the win95 side

ie. installed GROUPPOL.DLL on the client and
    created a group in the CONFIG.POL in the netlogon share

The group I created was the same name as an existing UNIX group on
the Linux Server. I logged in as a user whose primary group is the
same as the group added to the CONFIG.POL file, and who is also listed in
that group's member list in /etc/group..

I've seen this question asked before in the archives, but nothing seemed
to have come of it. So, is this possible, or is it a feature still
currently missing in Samba ?

Thanks in advance,

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