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Wed Oct 6 16:13:53 GMT 1999


  I have once worked Samba NIS+ Authentication on Solaris7.

  That is the way.

  (1) configured with --with-nisplus and make, install

  (2) execute source /script/ to create nis+ table 
    that contains SMB authentication informations.

  (3) cat smbpasswd | source/script/
    to copy smbpasswd information to nis+ table just created.

    Notice: smbpasswd file is written at Samba-2.0 format

  (4) add the proper rights to access smbpasswd.org_dir to read 
    authentication informations.

    for example add principals of every Samba machine to smb.groups_dir 
    nis+ group with nisgrpadm

  (5) modify smb.conf like
    smb passwd file = smbpasswd.org_dir
    encrypt passwords = yes

  Then NIS+ authentication will work.
  I have written those informations at,
  but I am sorry that it is written in Japanese. 
  Do you need the English version of it?

  (6) Problems
    Samba-2 creates MACHINE.SID or some files. And smb passwd file parameter
    is also applyed to determine thoese file's path.
    So if you run smbd at /, then you will see /smbpasswd.org_dirMACHINE.SID
    and so on.

    And nsswitch.conf is not concerned anyway.

    I have tested it at Samba-2.0.3, so something will be changed.

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