Solution to accessing shares w/ 2.0.5a and openBSD 2.5 (bug in OpenBSD calls or configure script?)

Matthew_S_Cramer at Matthew_S_Cramer at
Tue Oct 5 19:27:06 GMT 1999

I recently installed an OpenBSD 2.5 box and compiled the 2.0.5a version of
Samba.  I set the security to security=user and turned on encryption so that I
can access my home directory from my NT workstation (this is how I set up all my
other machines and only the OpenBSD caused a problem).  I was getting an error
when I tried to connect to the machine - my logs showed an error of unable to
set the appropriate GID from smbd/uid.c. (NT gave me the "incorrect user or
password" dialog).  The function that was failing was set_effective_gid in
lib/util_sec.c.  In that section there are four possible calls:

some UID trapdoor call

Which one is used is determined by #defines in include/config.h.  For some
reason the configure script set the trapdoor, the setregid, and the setegid (and
the corresponding defs for uid calls) to 1 and did not declare only the one for
setresgid.  I commented the lines for the trapdoor UID def and the setregid def
(since OpenBSD's man setregid said it is depreciated and to use setegid) so that
when set_effective_gid got called it only used the setegid calls (after
confirming this worked I did the same for uid calls).

Doing this seemed to fix it - I can now access shares.  The configure script for
OpenBSD 2.5 at least should probably do these defs rather than what it does now.
If I am breaking something else let me know.


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