SAMBA digest 2250 - Parameter is incorrect

Andrew Patterson Andrew.Patterson at
Tue Oct 5 00:46:07 GMT 1999

> If that's the case, is there a way to set it up where NT doesn't need to
> prompt for a password? 

Well that is what puzzles me.. I don't know what causes it to ask for
a password.. I've set up printers from NT with sambas before version 2
with pretty similar setups and never encountered this problem before..
if the smbpassword for the account you use to print is the same as the
password you use to log into NT with it shouldn't
prompt for a password.
> > net use lpt1 \\sambaserver\printer password /persistent:yes
> > 
> > I tried this and then set up a printer to print on lpt1 and everything
> Definitely not an ideal solution, but it works a little.  Are you
> supposed to be able to attach more than one printer to lpt1?  Right now
> I've got the 720dpi printer attached to it, but many times I just want a
> quick printout at 360dpi, and occasionally one at 1440dpi.

you can use other parallel ports up to lpt4 I believe..


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