PLEASE help with printing problem

tridge at tridge at
Mon Oct 4 09:47:13 GMT 1999

> > Try printing to that printer via samba from linux and see what happens.
> > smbclient ''\\server\printer' -P
> > print filename
> > 
> That works.  no problem.  Works on any of the printer definitions.

ok, good.

> There's got to be a reason why "The parameter is incorrect".  Is there a
> way to find this out?

that error message is a rather general one, and it does help to take
it literally.

Probably the printer driver is trying to perform an unsupported option
on the server and doesn't like the result. The most likely operation
is an ioctl or a new IPC that we don't support yet. To fix it you
would need to get a tcpdump sniff then look at what operations happen
just before the error message. Looking at those may give a clue.

Cheers, Tridge

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