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Venkatesh, Muthukrishnan M2 (CONTRACTOR) VENKATM2 at sesrcx1.src.se.bp.com
Mon Oct 4 01:12:50 GMT 1999

 Hi All,

>  I have a question regarding Samba (on Alpha VMS7.1) issue (between
>  OpenVMS and NT). 
>  Can Samba ( OpenVMS)  map to a WinNT Shared service so that it will
> appear
>  as a VMS logical ( we know "smbclient" able to connect to a WinNT shared
>  as "interactive" session , which work like FTP)   .   
>  I want to work with  the VMS logical, for example 
 $COPY abc.doc  SRC$NTSHARE:*.*    

>  which will copy the VMS document to the logical (through samba onto NT
> share disk).  
>   Please advice . Thanks !!
 Venkat M

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