how to supress header page when printing via samba printer.

Stephen L Arnold sarnold at
Sat Oct 2 19:08:10 GMT 1999

On 1 Oct 99, at 16:26, Rakesh Jain <rakesh.jain at> wrote:

> I have a hp5si printer which is served from samba server. when
> someone prints file to the printer, it prints a header page with
> 3 lines containing Job it, login id etc.. How can I suppress
> this... seems like wastage of paper.. 

I don't have all the HP model numbers memorized; is it connected 
directly to the samba host machine, or is it connected directly to 
the network?

If the former, then you can suppress banner pages with a switch in 
/etc/printcap (see man printcap).  If the latter, then telnet to 
the printer's IP address and disable the banner page there.


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