NT won't start network

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.wattle.id.au
Sat Oct 2 00:36:30 GMT 1999


This is a strange problem, which I never used to have.  Samba was
working fine for me until I changed the hostname of my Linux computer.
 I changed all the configuration files on both Linux and Windows, so
the old hostname is definitely not lurking anywhere.

Now when I boot up Windows and I'm physically connected to the network
with the Samba server, the Event Viewer says that the Workstation
service could not be started because "JMM is not a valid computer
name" (JMM is my Windows computer).  Then there are a whole bunch of
other networking errors due to other services that depend on
Workstation.  Then I get "The Workstation service terminated with the
following error: A duplicate name exists on the network."  A duplicate
name does not exist on the network.

I have followed all the steps that MS suggest in response to these
errors, and the troubleshooting steps in the Samba documentation, but
to no avail.  I am sure that the problem is due to Samba, because when
I connect the same computer to another network (or disconnect it from
any network) I do not get the same errors.

I can solve the problem by telnetting to the Samba server, STOPPING
samba, STARTING the Workstation service on NT, then STARTING samba
again.  Everything works perfectly after I do that.  It is a pain,
however to have to do this every time.

Does anyone have any ideas?  If you need more information (version
numbers etc.) please let me know, although I stress again that
everything was working perfectly until I changed the hostname of my
Linux box.


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