How to measure performance?

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Fri Oct 1 13:15:40 GMT 1999

On 1999-10-01 22:36:25 +1000, David Collier-Brown wrote:
> Danila Vologdin  wrote:
> | My problem that I don't know a good practical way
> | to measure performance of my system
> 	I assume they use local filesystems, so you can just
> 	sit there and watch a heavy user and write down the time
> 	and filename. After observing for a reasonable period
> 	(10 minutes, and hour, a day???), look to see how big
> 	the files were and make a script to use smbclient
> 	to get them at the recorded intervals.

This is not enough. Many applications do not read and write files
sequentially. This is evident for MS-Access (which reads and writes
single records), and also for MS-Word (which only ever loads the part
you are currently editing), but also for MS-Excel which does load and
save a whole spread-sheet at once, but reads and writes the file in some
seemingly random order (which is much slower).

There are test suites like the BapCo suite which run the actual
applications (but we couldn't find much difference between a local disc
and one shared over 10 Mbit ethernet, so at least Babco is probably more


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