old(?) thing: Printing to NT-Server

Ingo Reimann reimann at convert.uni-muenster.de
Tue Nov 30 12:42:47 GMT 1999


old problem, i thing but i did not find a good solution in the archives nor

My Linux-Box sits in a WinNT-Domain, where exist some printers on different
servers. I adepted the smbprint program from the examples to read SERVER and
PRINTERQUEUE for every printer in my printcap. The next problem is the
authentication. We need a USERNAME, WORKGROUP and PASSWORD, that has to be
sent. As far as i understand it, the smbpasswd-file is only used for local
authentification, not for the purpose, i need it.
So, we again need some file, readable by lp, that contains the PASSWORD in
an uncrypted form *UUUUHHHH*. I think, nobody likes that.

If i only print from the commandline, some script could be invented, to use
smbclient, similar to the smbprint-script, where one should type in his
password. But what, if i want to print from within other programms?

Has anyone a good solution for that?

And help would be phaniastic.


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