Windows can't see Linux share

Steve Litt slitt at
Sun Nov 28 23:03:37 GMT 1999

Ted -- If you havn't already, add netbios name=<server's host name> and
workgroup=<client's work group>, restart Samba, and see how that affects
the symptom.

Steve Litt

At 07:17 AM 11/29/1999 +1100, Ted Stein wrote:
>	I have (right now) a 2 workstation LAN with one Linux box (RedHat
>6.1) and a Windows 98 box.  The Linux box will mount the 98 share with no
>problem, but the 98 box can't even see the Linux box, let alone its
shares. I've
>used samba with SunOS and FreeBSD and never had a problem. I have this
>feeling I'm overlooking one little thing. Any suggestions? Please reply to
>ted at, as I am not a subscriber of this list.
>Ted Stein
>Long Island Information, Inc.
>ted at

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