Samba Q on symbolic links

Steve Litt slitt at
Sat Nov 27 22:07:27 GMT 1999

If all else fails, you can write a Unix command to do it and call the Unix
command from the print command of a print share. Then you "print" a file
from dos with the source directory on the first line, and the destination
directory on the second, and the deed will be done. You can make a little
dos batch file to assemble the file to be printed, map an lpt to the share,
and copy it to the lpt port.

Steve Litt

At 08:09 AM 11/28/1999 +1100, you wrote:
>Is there a way for a NT client to tell a SAMBA server to copy a UNIX
>directory to another UNIX directory, while preserving any symbolic links
>that may exist, without copying the contents of what the symbolic links
>are pointing to?
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