One way Win98 Slowness fixed

Tom Savage savaget at
Thu Nov 25 17:48:24 GMT 1999

>From the day I installed Samba, I was having a severe slow transfers from my
linux Samba server to my Win98 system. I could only get about 7.5k/sec transfer
rates by ftp from my server to  my Win98 system. Transfers the other way were
fast and  normal. I tried all  kind of settings in Samba(smb.conf) to no avail.
I had been looking through the archives of some of the samba list but could not
find a solution there.

Needless to say, I stumbled  on the solution today:
After I set my Windows 98 IPMTU settings to 1500, all transfers both ways are
fast now! To change my IPMTU settings I applied a patch(reg file).
I got the information from here:

I hope this help someone. 

E-Mail: Tom Savage <savaget at>
Date: 25-Nov-99
Time: 12:30:26
Timmins, Ontario, Canada
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