How does windows do cross-subnet browsing ???

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Wed Nov 24 21:26:42 GMT 1999


I guess the question in the subject is not very clear,  but what I want to
ask is:

When a windows box wants to access a workgroup that has no local-mastor on
the subnet of the windows box, how does it proceed ???

My logical guess is that  windows acts as a local master (if it finds
none on the subnet) when it talks to the domain-master (queried from the
WINS) to get the browse-list.   Am I right ???

What could be the problem if I get a error message saying it couldn't find
the share or computer with the given name, and suggests checking the
spelling and trying again,  when I click on the workgroup (wich is rightly
listed in NN).

Every computer are using the same WINS and all the domain-masters are listed

One more question:

Can a router act as a local-mastor on one interface (eth0) only, and correctly
communicate with the domain-master wich is on an other interface (eth1) ??

Thanks advance,

Arni Ingimundaron
arning at

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