Problems with roaming profiles (slow link)

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Nov 24 14:20:25 GMT 1999

Carsten Schabacker wrote:
> Hi there,
> i have a problem with samba 2.0.5a and roaming profiles.  
> Everytime i boot my Win-NT Box i get an errormessage
>         '... slow link. Would you like to use
>         your local profile or download'
> (i have a german Win-NT so this is not the real message, 
> but the meaning of it) I looked into many FAQs and the 
> samba-docs but can't find a solution...

You can disable this behavior on the NT using the 
policy editor under the local machine properties.
Don't remember the exact registry key off hand.
Probably under the WinLogon key.

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