workgroup name, small nmdb bug in 2.0.6

Bevan Broun bevanb at
Wed Nov 24 03:07:05 GMT 1999

Im running 2.0.6 on solaris 7 on an ultra sparc and have discovered the
following strange behavior:

Samba was configured with --prefix=/usr/local/daemon/samba 
with this directory being a link.
/usr/local/daemon/samba -> /localhost/daemon/samba-2.0.6

smbd and nmbd are looking for smb.conf in /usr/local/daemon/samba/lib
and this is where the file is. Changes to smb.conf are noticed and acted
on EXCEPT for the "workgroup = XXX" line. The only way I could get nmbd
to use the workgroup name in smb.conf was via -s

This has been done but it does look like a bug.

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