Roaming Profile Problem driving me nuts

Steve Litt slitt at
Wed Nov 24 01:19:06 GMT 1999

I have a Samba server, RH60 + Samba 2.0.6 with the ipc.c reversion to make
logon path work as in 2.0.5a. I'm hitting it with 2 Win98 boxes getting
their IP addresses from DHCP server on the same RH60 box. Here's the problem:

Win98A always recognizes changes from Win98B, but Win98B never recogognizes
changes made by Win98A. I've tried the following:

Make both Winboxes and the Linbox the same time within a minute (Win98B
used to be a half hour slow)

Add oplocks=no and locking=no to [profile].
Create a new user and repeat the whole thing.
Searched both registries for anything that would cause either to read but
not write, or write but not read.

Win98B is a newly installed W98, whereas Win98A has a heavily hacked
registry due to the fact that it's been used for writing and coding for
about a year, and has had extensive installations and deinstallations.
However, a few months ago roaming profiles worked perfectly between Win98A
and Win98C, another machine no longer available.

Does anyone have any idea how to further narrow this down? It's making me
crazy. My smb.conf follows the signature:



netbios name=mainserv
encrypt passwords=yes

wins support=yes
domain master=yes
domain logons=yes

logon path=\\mainserv\profile\%U

read only=no

read only=no
create mode=600
directory mode=770
guest ok=no

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