Re: SAMBA digest 2316 / Problems with ?invalid user" and file sharing

Axel Neumann amn at
Mon Nov 22 09:09:01 GMT 1999

Jon E. Mitchiner wrote:

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>1) The inability to log into my own private directory with password.  It
>keeps on prompting me for a username and password.  Even doing smbclient
>``machinename\username` -U username comes up with an "tree connect failed:
>ERRSRV - ERRbadpw" from either the unix or Windows NT machine.  log.smb is
>showing the following:

>[1999/11/21 23:44:07, 0] smbd/password.c:authorise_login(808)
>  rejected invalid user samba

>Ive tried the "ftp" user, "nobody" user for guest, and so on.  None of 
>appear to work and I continue to have an invalid user.  I'm not sure why
>this is invalid, which is probably why I can't connect to my own directory
>from either Windows NT, or Linux.

This means that you have a problem with password encryption. Samba works by 
default with encrypted passwords. This error message means that you have 
either not setup correctly smbpasswd or one part either server or client is 
using plaintext passwords. See ENCRIPTION.TXT in the Samba source tree or 
on the Samba web pages for more details.

>2) File Sharing issues.  We use a business accounting package that does 
>sharing amongst computers/clients.  It appears with Samba, only one client
>can access the accounting package at once (its a public directory, 
>by everyone).  Apparently there is an issue with file locking, and Ive 
>enabling "strict locking = yes" but it slows things down dramatically and
>when two people try to run the program at once, it does not work properly
>(the client running it will run at a snail pace, and the other client
>attempting to connect will not be able to do so (program will stop
>responding in 98/NT)).

>Are there any suggestions to allow multiple computers share files for an
>accounting package (BusinessWorks, from  Im hoping I dont
>have to go back to Windows NT to share files, and I hope that Samba will 
>able to do this somehow.

Normally SMB deny modes (parameter share modes = yes in smb.conf) should be 
enabled by default. All other locking parameters should be set to default. 
This will work at least for M$ Office applications. The change of all other 
locking parameters (except oplocks) is more or less necessary if the files 
on the Samba share are used from both sides (UNIX and PC).

Best regards,

Axel Neumann

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