Samba and client oplock breaks over WAN

Edward Schernau ed at
Sat Nov 20 10:10:56 GMT 1999

This only happens with PCs on the other end of a bridged 56k DDS line.

It also affects DOS and W98 clients the same.

Clients can log onto the domain ok, and browse.  But trying to drag
a file, or even right-click it in W98 explorer, cause the machine
to hang, and eventually blue screen with a VREDIR VXD error.

If I copy to Samba, sometimes it works, but then the file is zero bytes.
Copying from Samba sometimes works, but then I cant delete the file
locally, I get strange read-only or permission errors in Win98.

Is there a problem with the lag of the 56k link somehow?

I've seen some failed oplock breaks and a few timeouts in the logs.  I
can get logs if this doesnt sound like a familiar (i.e. already
fixed) problem.

Thanks for any help, I'm kind of in a bind here!

Edward Schernau
Network Architect			mailto:ed at
Rational Computing			Providence, RI, USA

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