smbfs failure bewteen two RedHat 6.1 systems

Marc Evans marc at
Fri Nov 19 19:50:59 GMT 1999

Hi -

I am trying to do a "smbmount //foo/bar /bar -o username=bar" from a RedHat
6.1 system to another RedHat 6.1 system. The command claims to complete
properly, and the system "mount" command shows the filesystem. However, when
I do a "ls /bar" that command fails, and the console on the client system
shows this repeating over and over:

localhost kernel: smb_dont_catch_keepalive: server->data_ready == NULL 
localhost kernel: smb_trans2_request: result=-22, setting invalid 
localhost kernel: smb_close_socket: still catching keepalives! 
localhost kernel: smb_retry: new pid=1766, generation=2 

I have other systems that are able to mount the same shared resource fine.
Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong on this client? Please respond
directly, because I don't subscribe to this list.

Thanks in advance - Marc

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