How can I add a NT PDC to WINS tables?

Magnus Svavarsson magnus at
Fri Nov 19 14:46:37 GMT 1999


I am trying to use wins-support in samba-2.0.6 as a WINS-server for
severel subnets.  On one subnet there is an NT-PDC server, serving its own
domain.  I cannot understand why, but it does not register itself as a PDC
(type #1c).  The domain is called SI, and the PDC is SI_NTSURF. 

This is all I get in wins.dat on this server:

"IS~SI_NTSURF#00" 943540525 64R
"SI#00" 943536980 e4R
"SI#1e" 943536919 e4R

I am missing an entry like:
"SI#1c" 943536919 64R

so clients on the SI domain can find the PCD via the WINS-server.  Some
SI-clients are on another subnet.

I have tried adding this to lmhosts:    SI#1c

but namelist.debug shows this entry

        Name = SI<1c>   Source = LMHOSTS_NAME
b_flags = 4     death_time = PERMANENT  refresh_time = Fri Nov 19 15:04:23 1999

                number of IPS = 1

but nothing for the other subnets I have.

Using nmblookup I do not get an answer through the x.y.z interface:

~> nmblookup   'SI#1c'
querying SI on x.y.z.255
querying SI on SI<1c>

This is where some of the clients are, but not all of them.

Can anyone tell me if I am doing anything wrong?  Should the PDC (NT) not
register at the name-server?  And should the samba nmbd not be able to
tell clients where their PDC is, even though they are on another subnet
from the PDC itself?

Any help will be appreciated
Magnus Svavarsson
System Administrator
Aalborg University

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