HELP! Disappearing Files

Robert Steinmetz rob at
Thu Nov 18 16:29:59 GMT 1999

I have just run  into a new and scary problem. On a Sparc fileserver
running Solaris 2.6 one of the user file systems has suddenly began to
start deleting all files. The 4 GB filesystem goes from 67% full to 2%
in a matter of minutes. We can find no process running on the Sun to
account for this. The filesystem is shared to Windows NT machines using
Samba. I am at lose to explain it. We have restored the file system from
tape once today and it has happened again.

The only recent change is the replacement a different hard disk with a
new larger one, all files were restored from a back up tape and it
seemed to be working after the change.

ANY suggestions for isolating the problem appreciated.

Robert Steinmetz, AIA
Steinmetz & Associates

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