Problem with socket options after upgrading to Samba 2.0.6

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Nov 18 12:45:32 GMT 1999

Federico Sevilla III wrote:
> Sounds "major" but I can't understand too much of what you're saying
> (sorry). 

	Oops! Sorry about that...

> I'll try to supply more information though (in case this could be
> why). Has this problem got to do with the fact that I compiled my Samba
> using GCC 2.95.1? Or that it's got the following optimization flags (on
> compilation) set: CFLAGS="-O6 -mpentiumpro -march=pentiumpro
> -malign-loops=2 -malign-jumps=2 -malign-functions=2"?

	The options sound Ok, can anyone on the list
	chack on the version? I recollect problems we had
	once upon a time with one release of GCC, but it
	was back in the summer...

> Could this problem also be because of some sort of a faulty kernel?
> (Although my 2.2.13 kernel has been running pretty smoothly, so far) :-)
	Hmmn... The debugging suggestion amounted to 
		compiling with -g
		finding out the process id (pid) with ps
		running dbx  - <pid> , or gdb with its options
		putting a breakpoint on the function
		doing a stack trace
		single-stepping to where the error occurs.
	If you just want to **dodge** it, grab a precompiled
	samba and try it out: if the problem persisst, it's
	almost certainly the kernel, not the application.

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