Roaming profile: login path= ignored on 2.0.6

Steve Litt slitt at
Sun Nov 14 17:38:32 GMT 1999

Has anyone else noticed this?

With Samba 2.0.6, Samba seems to ignore my logon path= statement, and
always put profiles in the home directory. I can toggle this symptom by
switching back and forth between 2.0.5a and 2.0.6. 
With login path=\\%N\profile\%U, 2.0.5a puts them below the directory I
define in [profile]. 2.0.6 puts them below my home directory.

In my case I have 2.0.5a and 2.0.6 in different trees and toggle a symbolic
link between them. The smb.conf's are identical in each. While it's still
possible I'm doing something wrong either on the client or on the server,
2.0.6 is looking more and more suspicious. Then again, if I got a nickle
for every dumb mistake I've made, I'd be a millionaire.

Before I go rummaging around in the source, I'm wondering if anyone has had
this problem. Maybe we can compare notes.


Steve Litt

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