Why a copy of smbd for each smbmount mountpoint?

Steve Snyder swsnyder at home.com
Sun Nov 14 16:05:07 GMT 1999

On Mon, 15 Nov 1999 01:26:52 +1100, "Frank R. Brown"  wrote:

>Can your Linux smbmount client connect with multiple sets
>of credentials?  Maybe --- multiple smbd's.

Hmm.  That shouldn't be a factor in my situation.  

I mount 3 smbfs mountpoints, each using the same username/password in
the form "username=xxxxx%yyyyy".  (I typically mount these at boot
time via 3 entries in /etc/fstab, but I see the same behavior when
mounting manually from a command prompt.)  For each mount another copy
of smbd is created on the server.  If I unmount one of the client
mountpoints, the number of running copies of smbd on the server is
reduced by one.

To my way of thinking (from observing the behavior of my OS/2 and 
Win9x clients), the first smbmount should cause the server to spawn a 
copy of smbd because a new machine/user connection has been 
established.  Subsequent smbfs mounts from the same machine/user 
should (again, to my way of thinking) use the existing copy of smbd.

*** Steve Snyder ***

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