Why a copy of smbd for each smbmount mountpoint?

Steve Snyder swsnyder at home.com
Fri Nov 12 22:15:52 GMT 1999

When an OS/2 or Win9x client logs into a (Linux) Samba v2.0.6 server
the running smbd spawns a copy of itself.  That second instance of
smbd then handles all the shares for that client machine.

In contrast, a Linux client which does multiple smbmounts (also Samba
v2.0.6) will cause the server to spawn a copy of smbd for *each*
smbmount mountpoint.  This has the potential for using up a lot more
memory on the server machine.

Is there any way to consolidate multiple smbmount shares such that 
they are handled on the server by a single copy of smbd?

Thank you.

*** Steve Snyder ***

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