Printing under Win98 and Win2000/NT

Andreas Rippel arippel at
Thu Nov 11 16:52:40 GMT 1999

The point:
Printing to a samba-shared printer works under NT and 2000,
but why not under 98?

The spoolfile finally reaches the queue-directory 
e.g. /var/spool/lpd/ljet3-a4-auto-mono-300, but than nothing happens.
I can also see the printjob in the Win98 printer queue, but it stuck.

The point is even, that from now on I can't even print under Unix.
It seems that the Win98 queue actually grabs/blocks the Unix queue from
that point on.

I tried some of these printing scripts entries in /etc/printcap, 
but didn't get a final result til now.

What about this Win98 magic?

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