Script for removing stale sessions: version for RH6.0? [Offtopic?]

Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel pafessel at
Wed Nov 10 16:31:22 GMT 1999

	Hello, people at SAMBA list.

        I'm going thru the same problem that Nicholas Williams has
described in samba-list first (see references below), and I'm implementing
the solution you've decribed in the list
(SO_KEEPALIVE, etc). But I'm stuck with the script issue, as I run RedHat
Linux 6.0 which doesn't use ksh but pdksh instead. The ksh script doesn't
run in pdksh and dies with the following message:

	preexec 924 franquin disneyland johndoe 
	/usr/libexec/samba/chkStaleSession[94]: syntax error: `(' unexpected

	(this is near from the last esac clause of the script)	

        Anyone on the list has a version of the script converted to RH6.0
or a pointer to
some thing like this?

	The original references I've found for Nicholas' work are:


        Paulo Fessel
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