Win98 SE, Samba 2.0.5, abysmal write performance

John Mechalas johnm at
Mon Nov 8 00:38:57 GMT 1999

> >I am running Win 98 SE and have a Samba server v2.0.5 on a FreeBSD 3.3
> >
> >The mailing list archives don't seem to offer any clues, unless I'm just
> >searching for the wrong words.
> Look for "FreeBSD" and you'll find it's a known problem. Either revert
> to samba 2.0.3 or apply the patch in FreeBSD port collection for samba
> 2.0.5.

Going to the 2.0.3 binaries did it.  Thanks for the pointer. 

The 3.3-RELEASE distribution of FreeBSD apparently is not a patched
release (though it seems to have a patch file as part of the package,
some experimenting will be needed to determine if that patch was really
applied in the binary build...)


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