Win98 SE, Samba 2.0.5, abysmal write performance

John Mechalas johnm at
Sat Nov 6 22:04:29 GMT 1999

I am running Win 98 SE and have a Samba server v2.0.5 on a FreeBSD 3.3
system.  Both machines sit on the same 100baseTX subnet.  I am seeing
expected read performance, but writes from Win98 to the Samba share are
terrible; upwards of 30 seconds to copy a 900kb file (yes, that's kb).
This happens in both Explorer, the DOS "shell", and in the application that
actually created the file (i.e., when I go to File->Save).

I've read the documentation on the Win98 Explorer slowdown, but I haven't
seen references to performance issues in general applications.  Recent
releases have fixed the fsync() issue, according to the documentation in
smb.conf, though I tried expolicitely setting "strict sync" to "no" just to
be sure.  :)  I've also tuned socket options and max xmit sizes 'till my
fingers fell off, and I got (at most) a second or two improvement.

Obviously, something else is wrong here.  I blame Win98 (who wouldn't).  :)
Especially since a Win95 laptop with a measly 10baseT ethernet line can do
the same file copy to Samba in under 7 seconds (using the same subnet,
copying to the same Samba server-- having a 10/100 hub that bridges is
pretty convenient).

The mailing list archives don't seem to offer any clues, unless I'm just
searching for the wrong words.

Does anybody have any ideas?


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