Authentication on Linux6.0 that running samba-2.0.3

Tran.Thach.Tung at QUANTIC.AC.VN Tran.Thach.Tung at QUANTIC.AC.VN
Fri Nov 5 08:25:04 GMT 1999

Hello All,
	I am using Linux6.0(running samba) as a file server on my network, 
everything is good when I configure samba authenticate on other 
machine such as WinNT4.0. But when I have configured samba 
authenticate on itself (security = user) I received message error 
 "smbd/password.c:pass_check_smb(506) Account for user 'david' was 
disabled". In this mode I created smbpassword by command line "cat 
/etc/passwd | > /etc/smbpasswd".   This is a my 
smb.conf file.


I don't know why don't it work? Although I modified registry on some 
machines Win95 and WinNT for issue encrypt password
Thanks for your support
Tung Tran.

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