Paul Crittenden crittend at storm.simpson.edu
Thu Nov 4 16:00:56 GMT 1999

We are going to install a new remote access device for students to dial
into our network.  We are trying to decide what type of authentication to
use and how it will impact Samba and out current NT stuff we have going.  I
know little to nothing about NT.  We are running Samba on a Compaq Alpha
running Tru64-UNIX.  Currently Samba is set up to authenticate against the
passwd file of our Alpha.  We have security set to share.

The remote access can authenticate to a PDC to LDAP.  They recommend a PDC.
 If we set this up will Samba be affected or will it function as it is now?

To set up the PDC is there a way to basically copy the passwd file from
Unix or do I need to set up each account seperately?  Can someone point me
to some doc as to how to do this?

This is sort of Samba related and sort of not.  Is there a list that would
be more appropriate?

Thanks for your help.

Paul Crittenden
Computer System Manager
Simpson College
e-mail: crittend at simpson.edu

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