2.0.6pre3 and FreeBSD 3.3-RELEASE

Mike Squires mikes at sir-alan.chem.indiana.edu
Wed Nov 3 16:27:02 GMT 1999

2.0.6pre3 compiles and installs under FreeBSD 3.2-RELEASE; however, throughput
from an NT 4 SP6 workstation with domain security and only TCP_NODELAY
as a socket option is clocking around 200K/sec for large files (65MB).

Hardware is PPro200, single CPU kernel (never have gotten 2.0.5 or later
to work SMP), Adaptec 2944UW/3 Quantum 9GB Atlas II wide diff drives (clock
9MB/sec using bonnie), Intel Pro100B, full duplex 100Mbit switch between
client (PII/400 3Com905B, 128MB RAM) and server.

The behavior I'm seeing in xperfmon++ v3.0 suggests that there is a problem
in syncing writes from the client to the network and from the network to
the server, i.e., disk traffic on the host is very bursty with peaks over
1MB/sec but with no disk traffic much of the time.  The benchmark program,
TESTNET 2.24, writes 65K blocks 1000 times sequentially to the mounted
server share.

netstat -i shows 3 input errors in 6 million frames, 1 output error in
100,000 frames.  NFS mounts of this server clock around 3MB/sec.

Samba logfiles show nothing, other than the usual "call_nt_transact_ioctl:
Currently not implemented." which shows up every time 2.0.5/6 starts.

Mike Squires, Manager
Instructional Computing
Chemistry - Indiana University, Bloomington, IN USA
mikes at indiana.edu

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