Windows 2000 login with profile on Samba

Otto Giesenfeld otto.giesenfeld at
Wed Nov 3 13:19:09 GMT 1999


We have a small network where roaming profiles are stored on a Samba 2.0.5a
server. (Samba is a member of the domain, not the domain controller.) When
one tries to log on to a machine running Windows 2000 Professional RC2,
reading the profile fails, with error messages like: "Windows cannot copy
file \\filserver\profiles\ottog2\profile\Application
Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ to location D:\Documents and
Settings\ottog2\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\. Contact your
network administrator. DETAIL - Access is denied."

Similar messages are obtained when logging out as Win2000 tries to save the
profile. The result is that one gets a bare-bones default profile every
login. With NT4, everything works fine.

Has anyone else seen this problem?

Otto Giesenfeld

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