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Tue Nov 2 22:30:20 GMT 1999

On Tue, 2 Nov 1999, Heppner, Bernd wrote:

> i have installed SAMBA 2.0.5 on my SUN SPARC 5 running under SOLARIS 7.
> I can see the SAMBA-Server on my NT-Notebook. But I cant change to the
> shared directories.
> I get following error:  Timeout or HCLNFSD / PCNFSD not running on host

it's not a samba problem, it's a problem with your nt system.  it must be
running hummingbird nfs maestro if it's looking for hclnfsd.  you probably
have maestro installed and set to be the default file-sharing protocol.

your nt system is trying to browse nfs shares via maestro/hclnfsd when you
click on that server.  i don't know how to tell the nt system you want it
to use smb to access that server, or to always try smb, either first or
second after the nfs attempt times out.

if you don't need to access any nfs shares i would suggest you uninstall
nfs maestro completely.

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